How Do I Grow Hickory Nuts That Have Already Sprouted Into Healthy Trees?

Hickory trees are one of the greatest additions you can make to your yard. Apart from providing ample shade and shelter against wind, they provide wood and nuts. These slow-growing trees take between 10-15 years before they begin producing nuts. But before getting here, you have to learn how to grow the seedlings that are sprouting.

This guide will help you just do that and provide the special care that these trees need when you grow them.

Choose a site

Select the most appropriate site to grow the hickory tree. Make sure that you grow them away from your house and any property that can be damaged by the falling nuts from the tree in the coming years.

Now check the condition of the soil’s pH and confirm it’s either neutral or acidic.

Hickory trees thrive in clay loam soil. Also, ensure the site has good drainage.


Make sure you dig around the root system when digging up the sapling. Pull it straight out of the hole, making sure the sapling is the same depth as the hole you are transplanting to.

Tree Care

The final step is to offer some little tree care on your hickory tree to make sure it is growing in a healthy condition.

Add some organic matter around the hickory tree to help it retain water and soil around it.

After a successful planting process, protect the seedling from predators by placing a cage over it until it grows large enough.

Annual Maintenance

Apply organic fertilizer during spring to provide nutrients to the tree.

Trim excessive branches to control the shape of the tree and prevent it from suffocating itself. Be careful not to severely alter the tree and cause injuries that may affect its growth.

Water the tree regularly and maintain a slightly moist soil condition around its root system for the first season.

In the following seasons, you can water the hickory tree during dry spells alone.

For deeper water penetration to the roots system, apply the water slowly.

Remove the undergrowth around its trunk to eliminate competition for water and nutrients.


Growing Hickory nuts can be a challenging task if you do not know how to deal with its deep taproot system that goes deep into the ground and requires proper attention to transplant them. Even worse, if you do not know the conditions they thrive in and aftercare you can give to them, you will always find it hard. However, this guide can help you grow them with ease without struggling.

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