How Can I Kill Red Ants Without Poisoning My Soil?

Red ants can be a beast of a problem for your garden. Like most garden pests, they will move to your garden and carry their activity without bothering you, not knowing they are a nuisance. When they are causing much harm to your garden, you may be asking yourself how you can kill them without poisoning your soil.

Before you decide to kill the ants, it is important to know that red ants are somewhat beneficial for your garden. They hunt insects that live in the garden. They also aid in pollination when they are foraging.

However, red ants can also destroy the plants in your garden when they build their nests underneath the roots of the plants.

Should I really kill them?

There is no need of killing an ant if they are in an isolated area of your garden to an extent that it cannot cause harm.

If the ants are not a threat to you and your family, just let the creature live rather than killing them.

Also, if they are not a threat to your home in any way, do not just kill them for the sake of killing them.

Natural ways to kill ants without poisoning your garden

However, when the red ants are a threat to your home, garden, and family, you can use natural methods to kill or eliminate them without poisoning your soil.

To entirely eliminate the nuisance, go straight to the source; their nest. You will be doing zero work if you spray on their trails.

Use Boiling Water

This is the widely known natural method to kill the red ants. Locate as many entrances to their nest and pour hot boiling water through the entrances. You can do this severally until all of them are dead.

Use dishwashing liquid oil

Use a half teaspoon of liquid dish soap with one and a half teaspoons of cooking oil. Add some water to the mixture and pour directly into the nest. Use a spray bottle to deal with ants that can be seen outside the nest.

Use boric acid and sugar

Arguably the most effective solution to kill the red ants without poisoning your soil. Mix boric acid with sugar until the mixture turns into a paste. Apply the paste around the entrances of the nest. Ants will come for the sugar, eating, and carrying some back to their food store to share with others. But after the sweet feast, boric acid will begin killing them one by one.

White vinegar

Pour at least a liter of white vinegar into the nest. White vinegar will not harm your plants or soil. But when they come into contact with the ants, it kills them instantly.


These are tiny microscopic worms that can naturally eliminate red ants without poisoning your soil. They will hunt for the ants, forcing them to find new nests.